Pricing plans for Digital Signature Certificates

Class III DSC for Individual/Organization

How it works

  • Select the certificate by clicking the "Buy Now" button and make the payment. (Double check the contact information in the payment page)
  • We will contact you for documents and other information required to apply for DSC.
  • Send us soft copy of documents and other information.
  • Complete the video verification.
  • After approval from Certifying Authorities, your DSC will be ready to download. Whole process will take 30-45 min.
  • If you have purchased DSC without token, we will connect with you through remote assistant (Anydesk) and download the certificate to your token.
  • If you have purchased DSC with token, we will download certificate on a token and send it to you through courier/post

Prices mentioned above are for one unit of certificate/certificate + token. For bulk purchases (up to 10 nos. maximum) or payment related issues and other queries, kindly drop a mail at: